Centre Hours

  • Monday to Thursday: 10am - 3pm, Friday 10-1 Saturday Mornings when staff are available.

Contact Details

Willunga Environment Centre

Janine Anninos, Manager

15 High St
Willunga, SA 5172
08 8556 4188 




Chairperson - Tess Sapia 85564188

Secretary - David Gill   

Treasurer - Vic Rowe  

Committee Members

Wendi Avery 85564188

John Edmeades 85564188

Sue Greenwood 85564188

Murray Lamshed 

Janine Anninos






Welcome to the Willunga Environment Centre

    Proudly supported by Landscapes SA Hills and Fleurieu Board and Greener Adelaide

 The Willunga Environment Centre is a not-for-profit organisation that aims "to encourage and support the community to achieve environmental, social and economic sustainability in the Willunga Basin and surrounding areas."

We offer a wide range of resources and hold regular community events and workshops . We encourage the public to come in and visit the WEC and see what it can offer you. You can put your name on our mailing list, become a member and access more services,  or like us on facebook to keep up to date with the latest information. You can also see what local action groups are doing and join in where you can.

The WEC is also home to YACCA, our youth group (youth and community in conservation action), a group of dedicated young environmentalists from 12-19 who meet regularly at the centre and work within our community on projects. This group has been running for seven years, a testament to their sustainability! YACCA runs on Monday and Tuesday afternoons. 



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