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The WEC holds regular events including workshops and guest speakers, along with field trips. These events cover a wide range of environmental issues and there is something for everyone. We encourage participants to be FRAGRANCE FREE at these events. Some events have a fee or suggested donation associated with them. We appreciate your support of programs at the WEC including our YACCA Youth Group.

To book in for any workshops please click on the booknow.jpg icon to be redirected to Eventbrite (preferred method), phone the Centre on 8556 4188 or email us at:  

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 2021-22 Workshops and events 

Stitch 'n Fix events in partnership with  SustOnkapa Rel2 Green Neut LeafChop

Repairing or Refashioning Woollens- including visible mending, patching, making new woollen garments from old - Monday 20th June 10-3

Repairing or Refashioning Woollens- including visible mending, patching, making new woollen garments from old.

Cost: $10 per session includes materials, tea/coffee, use of sewing machines.


Sustainable Garden Events in partnership with SustOnkapa Rel2 Green Neut LeafChop 

Dendrobium Orchid Propagation Workshop- June 25th 12-1pm

Learn about Dendrobium orchids and pot up a kiki (cutting) to take home
Would you like to grow one of these beautiful flowering plants in your garden?
Our local orchid expert Trevor Garard from the SA Orchid Society who has convened several Orchid Clubs in Willunga, will demonstrate . He will explain how to propagate and care for dendrobium orchids which grow so well in Willunga. Every participant can pot up a cutting to take home.


Composting workshop- Saturday 25th June 1-2pm

Our presenter Phillip Duguid has 15 years experience as a biodynamic farmer and passionately believes that healthy soil > healthy food > healthy people.

If you make compost, bring some along in a bucket! Phillip will discuss composting methods, how to get your compost even better and he will demonstrate making a composting garden bed (with your help) as well as digging into the compost made during a working bee last spring.

You will go home with expert composting tips and you will hear from other gardeners in the local community. What fun for a Saturday afternoon. Come along and make a mess!


Let's Learn about Little Corellas - Tuesday 28th June @ 11am

Come and hear from Liz Matthews about the Little Corella. Liz is a wildlife project officer with the Department for Environment and Water.

Liz will give a presentation on Little Corellas including impacts they are causing and management options, followed by an opportunity to discuss your experiences with Little Corellas and ideas for how to manage and live with them.

Dr Karl Hillyard, Principal Ecologist – Wildlife Management, Department for Environment and Water will also be joining us.

Discussion will be welcome and a light lunch will be provided at the conclusion of the event. Unfortunately, we can't accommodate special dietary needs at this event.

Regenerating Australia film screening - Tuesday 5th July @ 6.30pm
Regenerating Australia is a film about putting LIFE at the centre of every action and decision. It is about bringing vitality and renewed growth to our communities and to our ecosystems.

Stay for Supper and discussion at the conclusion of the meeting. Please make a donation towards this when you book.

Regenerating Australia is a 17-minute short film based on a four-month interview process with a diverse group of Australians who shared their hopes and dreams for the country's future. It is a new story for our nation: a story of empowerment. A story of solutions. A story of regeneration.

Set on New Year's Eve of December 2029, a news anchor is ending the nightly bulletin with a look back at the decade 'that could be’.

A decade that saw Australia transition to a fairer, cleaner, more community focused economy. The film is a construction of hypothetical news reports and press conferences featuring real journalists, politicians, business leaders and citizens - featuring Kerry O’Brien, Sandra Sully, Tim Flannery, Larissa Behrendt, David Pocock and other well-known voices.


Regular Events Program

 OzFish Onkaparinga, Dr Travis Howson, Fish Ecologist online event -  Postponed 


OzFish Onkaparinga Chapter is a local group that aims to undertake aquatic based habitat restoration activities around the Onkaparinga River and its estuary. Travis is a founding member and leader of the group, extending from his experiences as an aquatic ecologist in undertaking habitat assessments and examining responses of fish to restoration trials across Southern Australia. His group originated in 2017 after receiving funding to undertake restoration a local project in the Onkaparinga River. Through undertaking fish habitat restoration, they invite recreational fishers to come and learn more about aquatic environments, in order to become more proactive in environmental stewardship.

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