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Youth And Community in Conservation Action 


YACCA is an environmental youth group that teaches young people about the protection of the environment. It connects youth with community groups and encourages the development of projects that protect and maintain environmental welfare.

The group started in the Willunga Environment Centre due to a need for young people to have an environmental education and input in their community. YACCA aimed create an outlet where young people can connect to environmental projects in a way that allows them to learn about environmental issues, make a positive contribution and feel a sense of worth and importance. By empowering the youth with these skills we are not only instilling positive environmental habits, we are ensuring that young people grow up with a sense of connection to their natural environment.


YACCA’s activities so far have included:

Animal trapping and handling

Flora and fauna surveys 

Plant identification workshops 

Water testing 

Camps at Arid Recovery Roxby Downs and Cape Otway, Victoria


Coastal surveys

Training in caring for sick and   injured wildlife

Developing Nature Play locations

Creating management plans

Seed collection


Removal of invasive plants from sites

Fish trapping for mountain galaxious 

Hosting a mock Climate Conference


YACCA continually encourages working with the community to teach youth about environmental sustainability. It not only allows members to reach educational outcomes but also influences the community to include and value the opinion of young people and their capabilities within the environmental field.


Currently YACCA has worked closely with community groups such  as:

The Willunga Environment Centre

Natural Resource Centres

Trees for Life, 


Local landholders,  

Local councils



Fleurieu Birds, 

The Native Animal Network and Fauna Rescue

Arid Recovery 

The Conservation Centre for Ecology


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For further information on YACCA contact Saskia at




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