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The WEC holds regular events including workshops and guest speakers, along with field trips. These events cover a wide range of environmental issues and there is something for everyone. Please be aware, these events are PERFUME FREE events.

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 2017 Workshops and events 


Postponed: presenter is unwell Grow your own Mushrooms Join Wayne Slape of Slapes Mushroom House and discover Mushroom Spawn and how to make an oyster mushroom straw log. Pre made kits will be available at a discounted price.- Saturday 9th September @ 11 am


"WEC AGM - "  Monday 16th October at 6.30pm supper provided

Common Flora Guide to Kuitpo and Mt Crawford Reserves"  Join us as we take a stroll around the Kuitpo forest at Knotts Hillarea with Jenny Woodley and Trevor Garard and discover common flora (including native orchids in season). Come into the centre prior if you can to collect a free "Common Flora" pamphlet, or collect it on the day as we will have copies of this available along with a Kuitpo forest Map. We will meet at a designated parking place outside the forest (somewhere on Peter Creek Road) and carpool so that we can travel within the forest to visit as many special places that would otherwise be difficult to see in one trip. Most of the stops would then be reachable by participants with easy walks. Please wear suitable clothing for bush walking and bring water, hats and cameras. Willunga Environment Centre will provide morning tea, but no dietary provisions can be made. Please bring a packed lunch with you. Meet at the carpark on the corner of Knotts Hill Road and Peters Creek Road Sunday 22nd October from 10am

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 Professor Craig Williams presents "Mosquito ecology and epidemics:vector-borne disease threats to Australia 

Australia is home to a number of diseases transmitted by vectors such as mosquitoes and ticks. Although these may be serious infections for individuals, on a global scale our country has relatively little vector-borne illness. Despite this, Australians are at risk of exotic vector-borne diseases, and many people acquire infections whilst travelling overseas. Furthermore, Australia is at constant risk of importation of exotic diseases and new types of mosquitoes capable of transmitting them. In this talk Craig Williams will outline some of the major vector-borne disease risks for Australians, and consider the probabilities of them becoming established in our country. Monday 23rd Ocotober @ 7 pm Professor Williams Supper provideddownload 

Singing Waters: the poetics of water in literature and music with Jane Southwood download

From Horace to Arrian, Sappho to Strabo, water has figured in diverse ways—as metaphor, as inspiration, as source of life and death—in writings from antiquity, through to the early-modern period and down to the present day. Saturday 28th October at 11 am

Water plays, too, an important role in the music of three composers I will discuss: the river Moldau or Vitava in Czech composer, Bedrich Smetana’s hymn to his country—Ma Vlast; the ocean, from which we come and which sustains us, in Tasmanian composer Matthew Dewey’s ex Oceano, a work he aptly calls ‘a love letter to the Ocean’; and the ocean surrounding Ningaloo Reef, off the rugged coast of north Western Australia, in composer Iain Grandage’s music for The Reef, composed in collaboration with Richard Tognetti, musicians from the ACO2, artists, a film maker, a didgeridoo player, a singer, a photographer, surfers and locals. The Reef has been described as a performance piece centred on one of Australia’s most beautiful natural wonders.

In this presentation I will explore water in the literary imagination from antiquity, through the early-modern period and in the musical imagination of a nineteenth-century and two twenty-first-century composers. I will end my presentation with the theme of ‘ubi sunt’, as I consider what is currently happening to the oceans of the world, of which we—as all human beings—should be the diligent and attentive custodians. My particular focus in this part of my presentation is work being done on the Southern Ocean, the flywheel of the global climate, a key area of exchange of CO2 with the atmosphere across the whole world and of the vast power of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current joining all the world’s oceans.

Formerly Lecturer in French at the University of New England, Armidale, NSW, Jane Southwood has worked in five tertiary institutions in France and Australia. She has delivered papers and published in French and English in France, the UK and Australia, on maritime exploration, on the writings of eminent classicist and environmentalist, Marguerite Yourcenar (1903-1987), on the early-modern period, on the history of medicine and on translation. She received her BA, MA and PhD from the University of Western Australia, where she was on the staff, before leaving to settle in Adelaide, to which she has now returned as an independent researcher and translator and an impassioned devotee of, and spoke person on, the environment.

Harry Harrison presents "Grafting For Beginners" FULLY BOOKED

• Why graft?
• What you can graft
• Rootstocks and compatibility
• Basic grafting techniques
• Practical - opportunity to practice grafting under supervision

Saturday 21st October @ 11am


Grow your own Microgreens Microgreens may be tiny, but they've become a huge trend and if you've taken a look at the prices, they are not cheap! The good news is that it's easy to grow your own. Join Rachel McMillan from ScoopSA as she shows you how. This is a joint partnersip between Willunga Environment Centre, The City of Onkaparinga Council and the Willunga Farmers Market - Saturday 11th November @10.30-11.30 Willunga Farmers Market, Town Square Bookings essential here

Weed Pie and Other Garden Delicacies....and plants that heal.

Often the things which thrive in our garden are not the things we think we want.  But sometimes we are lucky – we don’t have to ‘throw them all onto the compost heap’.

Many so called weeds either have a nutritional or medicinal value.   However some aren’t helpful at all so in this talk we will discuss how to get the most out of your gardens verdant green.

Jan Ashton-Ross has been a Naturopath, Nutritionist and Herbalist for over 20 years and a gardener for longer than that – and can testify that once you see a weed in a new light it helps you feel optimistic about your green thumbs. Click to   

The Cultural and Historic Significance of South Australian Trees Well before relevant State laws were conceived, the National Trust was concerned about preserving SA’s built heritage and its natural and cultural history – and understood there were noteworthy trees marking these elements of SA’s evolution.   That these trees contribute to SA’s story.  Acknowledge and preserve the tree – acknowledge and preserve our understanding and appreciation of SA’s natural and cultural history.  And of course many of these tree specimens stand the test of time and are quite inter-generational.Michael Heath, most recently from National Trust’s Significant Tree Steering Committee/Team (after a long and varied career beginning as a Landscape Architect)  and Glenn Williams from Tree Net will illustrate that these special merit trees in South Australia are not just your every day trees.

Preceding this event will be the Willunga Hillsface Landcare Groups AGM. Tuesday 21st November at 6.30pm with the presenters speaking at 7pm  download

Basket weaving with Christine Banks! - Come along and get your weaving on! Christine Banks will take us on a journey using plants and leaves from our gardens to create new life masterpieces. Wednesday 29th November 10am-2.30pm at the Willunga Environment Centre. Strictly 12 places only. Bookings via telephone 85 564188 


February 2018

 Postponed Ruth Trigg presents "Industrial Hemp Developments in SA" Wednesday 21st February @ 7pm 

Legislation allowing farmers to grow industrial (low THC) hemp  was passed in South Australia in April 2017 (the last state to gain this right).Legislation was also passed in Australia and NZ  in April 2017 to allow  people (and animals) to consume hemp seed and oil.Ruth will discuss how the industrial hemp industry is developing in South Australia, and what the environmental and economic benefits are for the land and for people.


 2017 Past Workshops and Events

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